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The Friends and the Hoboken Historical Museum co-sponsor an oral history project focused on "Vanishing Hoboken." This project is designed to record, through interviews with long-time residents, business owners and workers, aspects of local life - cultural, industrial, professional - that have disappeared or are threatened because of continuing physical and demographic changes in Hoboken.

"Vanishing Hoboken" is an ongoing project that continues to need and welcome volunteers, both skilled typists/listeners to transcribe interviews from cassette tape as well as volunteers to interview more of the fascinating people who are part of Hoboken's rich history. Transcriptions of the interviews are housed in the Library's historical collection.

Three chapbooks (small booklets) containing excerpts of three interviews have already been produced-Hoboken: Circus Maximus at all Times; Recollections of Judge Charles DeFazio, Jr., Everybody Seems to Know Me by the Paper Hat; Recollections of Albert “Heget” Hegetschweiler and Schnackenberg's Luncheonette: Never a Plain Coke, Recollections of Betty Silvani. These chapbooks are a benefit of Friends membership; if you’re a member and have not received a copy, please contact us at hobokenfol (at) yahoo.com.

Your partipation as an interviewer or transcriber would be most welcome. No experience is required; all you need is curiousity about Hoboken's past and a willingness to commit a few hours to the project. We provide the recording equipment and how-to instruction.

Ruth Charnes and Melanie Best, Co-Coordinators "Vanishing Hoboken" Project


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